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Your Rights And Duties On A Spa Treatment

As the old saying goes, customer is God. You are the client of the spas which means that they will make any efforts to let you enjoy yourself. However, you are kind of responsible for it. It is based on your cooperation. If you do not take your responsibilities or fulfill your rights very well, the results may dissatisfactory. Now, you can have a clear understanding of what you should do or should not do.

As a client of spas, you have some rights

  1. Have a cosy, clean, and safe environment as you like. Just choose the right room for yourself.
  2. Be informed with the job information about your therapist, his work experience, certification and so on. Of course, no privacy should be invaded.
  3. Stop your spa treatment as you like and you don’t have to explain why.
  4. Feel free to ask questions related to your spa experience.
  5. Enjoy a quality service which needs the staffs’ respect, consideration and skill.
  6. All your information should be kept in secret. No one can get it without your permission.

As a client of spas, you have following responsibilities

  1. Offer your complete and accurate health information to your therapist.
  2. Let them know your personal preferences, expectations and confusion.
  3. Be polite. You are their guest does not mean you can be rude. Just be nice to everyone, such as staffs or other guests.
  4. Use their amenities as told or directed. It will cost a sum of money if you broke them.
  5. Try to protect our environment. Never use some unfriendly products.
  6. Observe their rules. Respect their policy, and then they will respect you.

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