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Why Do People Start Smoking Cigarettes

People usually start to smoke when they are teenagers. If you have a smoker friend , there is a great chance that the people around him would smoke. Some teens may just want to have a try, or it is just a result of playing cool.

The ads of cigarettes leave profound influence on people. They advocate a false idea that smoking cigarettes is exciting, safe and glamorous. Billions of dollars have been spent on tobacco marketing management.

Although the cigarette brand ads were banned in movies in 1998 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement, 2 out of 3 hit movies appeared cigarettes in 2005 and one third of the movies were targeted at youth. The rate went down since 2005. But the problem is still there. TV ads for smoking have been banned for many years. Evidences show that young people who watch some smoking scenes in movies are more likely to begin smoking compared with the normal people.

People can also have contact with smoking by the Internet which is a place that hard to regulate. There is plenty of unhealthy information there. Some teenagers are not able to resist temptations.

There is lots of work which needs to be done now. To prevent younger people from being addicted to smoking cigarettes, the government and society should make every effort to ban various kinds of ads of smoking.

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