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Published on May 8th, 2013 | by Tom


What’s Your Skin Type?

How much oil your skin produces is the key for telling your skin type. There are 4 basic skin types: sensitive, dry, combination (normal) and oily. To have a good skin, first you need to figure out what type you are. Here are the suggestions for telling your skin type.

Sensitive Skin

Usually, sensitive skin tends to be thin and delicate, and is much more likely to get irritated by certain cosmetic products, sun, and poor-quality air. People have sensitive skins may be prone to redness, itchy or blotchy skins.

It is hard to find the right cleanser and moisturizers (usually mild products without scents) for sensitive skin person. But now many companies have presented products specifically for sensitive skin. So read the ingredients and know clear the return policy if the store has one, just in case.

Dry Skin

Dry skin feels tight, especially after cleansing, and is more likely to have wrinkles, flaking and itchy patches.
Dry skin needs moisture. You could carry spray water wherever you go to moisturize skin. If you live in a cold environment, invest a humidifier in your office and bedroom. Use heavy cleanser and moisturizers over the lightweight products.

Oily Skin

Oily skin tends to have large pores, blackheads and breakouts due to overproduction of oil. Though oil skin ages slower than dry skin because the oils keep the skin plump, it may become drier after a certain age.

Wash your face with a cleanser specifically made for oily skin and exfoliate twice a week. Look for fresh and cool and oil-free products for skin care and makeup, especially in summer. Powered blends work better than liquid ones when it comes to blush and bronzers.

Combination Skin/Normal Skin

Most women (some say 70%) have combination skin, or “normal” skin. A combination skin means a combination of a slightly oil T-zone and direr cheeks.

You may need to treat T-zone differently if it tends to be oily. Try an astringent on oily areas after cleansing your face. Exfoliate two times a week to rid dead skins and use a heavier moisturizer on drier spots.



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