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What is The Best Way To Quit Smoking

You may experience some difficulties during the process of smoking quitting. Here is a best way to quit smoking.


  1. Make a list on a piece of paper about why you want to stop smoking. Carry the list with you. And it can be a reminder whenever you want to smoke.
  2. Sign a contract. Under your parents’ and friends’ supervision, discard all the things related to smoking, like cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays.
  3. Change your habits. Try not to go to the place where you usually smoke and whenever the craving comes up, use gum for a replacement.
  4.  Make “no smoking” signs and put them up. it will remind you to hold on. When you have the desire to smoke, you can take a few deep breaths, drink some water and take some exercise. Snacks will help you to go through this hard time.
  5. Think about what have happened to you since you quit smoking. It will give you a strong motivation.
  6. Remember to reward yourself when you make progress.

Tips and warnings

  • When you encounter some difficulties, you can ask your doctor for help.
  • Eat healthy during the hard time. And take some exercise to save your energy.


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