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What is Gout Pain? Gout Arthritis Facts

What is Gout

Gout is a condition where there are recurrent attacks of an acute inflammatory arthritis and this causes a tender, red and swollen joint. The metatarsal-phalangeal joint  at the base of one’s toe is the most commonly affected human body part on account of Gout. In fact more than 50% of the Gout cases include a big toe.

What Causes Gout

As per studies and research, the main cause of Gout has to be high levels of uric acid in the blood. Let’s take a look at the causes in detail.


Most of us survive on Fast Foods and drinking alcohol is more of a norm. As per studies the main causes of Gout can be on account of having meat, seafood, sweetened drinks and more importantly alcohol.


Gout is partly generic. The genes referred to as SLC2A9, SLC22A12 and ABCG2 are associated with Gout and variations amongst the genes can double the risk of contracting the infection.

Medical conditions

It is seen Gout comes into existence in a combination with other medical conditions. Metabolic syndrome is a condition where there is a combination of hypertension, pain in the abdomen combined with obesity, insulin resistance and abnormal lipid levels. Such conditions are prevalent in 75% of the Gout cases. The other conditions include solid organ transplants, psoriasis and renal failure.

Symptoms of Gout

Gout is known to strike someone unexpectedly. Gout usually does not last for more than 10 days. However, it can re-occur again and again. Let’s take a look at the Symptoms of Gout.

Pain in the joint

There is a sudden and intense pain the joint and in most cases the part that gets affected is the ankle or the big toe. Other parts likely to be affected are the hands, wrists or the knees.

Swelling in the joint

There is a sudden swelling and a hot sensation in the joint.

Extreme tenderness of the joint

There is extreme tenderness in and around the joint even to the slightest of touches as well.

Other symptoms include, the skin around the joint can turn red and sometimes purple as well. In extreme case, there can be fever and chills as well.

It has been observed, over a period of time, the Gout attacks can be more frequent and can involve the other joints as well. Besides, the symptoms later on last really long.

Therefore, one needs to be really careful when any of the above symptoms are present.  You will be unable to treat Gout on your own. You will require medial advice from a doctor to get over the situation.

Your routine activities will be affected as Gout is an attack on a joint. It can be a really embarrassing situation as well as who would like to have a big toe. Usually all of us are comfortable wearing shoes. When there is an attack of Gout on the toe, the question of wearing shoes just does not arise or for that matter, the shoe will just not fit you.

Therefore, it is best advised you use a walking stick or other support to walk so as to keep away your body weight away from the infected joint. It is also recommended you keep the affected joint in an elevated position preferably above the level of your chest. This will help in reducing the swelling.

To conclude, Gout needs to be treated by a well qualified doctor. Gout can be a really embarrassing situation and one needs to take good care to get out of it.

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