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What is Diabetes, Causes, Types & Symptoms of Diabetes

What is Diabetes

With the rampant concerns in society today on diet and the issues with an unhealthy lifestyle, diabetes seems to play a key role. One must constantly watch their diet, monitor their lifestyle and regularly check-up on themselves to ensure that diabetes has not become a part of who they are. But what in fact is diabetes? With as much precautionary information as is tossed around, a more comprehensible understanding should be expected. To put it simply, diabetes is a disease in which the level of sugar in the blood is not properly maintained.

Causes of Diabetes

Insulin is a hormone, produced in the pancreas, which is responsible for controlling the levels of sugar in one’s blood. A diabetic has issues with their insulin. The issue may be that there is not sufficient supplies of insulin produced, or perhaps that the body’s cells do not react to insulin in the way that they should. Either way, a diabetic is subject to a higher than average blood sugar level, which can lead to many, severe, health complications later in life.

Type of Diabetes

Diabetes is generally classified into two groups, “type 1” and “type 2diabetes. Type 1 diabetes, otherwise known as juvenile diabetes, is contracted when an individual’s body ceases to produce insulin. This is generally as a result of genetic mutation. The term “juvenile diabetes” is coined as more often than not it is contracted in the early stages of life. There are no clear preventative measures, and one may be subject to type-1 diabetes from birth.

Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, occurs when the body becomes insensitive to the insulin which is produced. The cells which are meant to react to the presence of insulin are no longer capable of doing so due to extreme exposure in the past. Most often type 2 diabetes is contracted as a result of a lifestyle choice, and is the only type which may be prevented. Though it can be passed along as a genetic disorder, type 2 diabetes is frequently the result of inactivity, obesity or an excessively high-sugar diet. Until recently, type 2 diabetes was nearly unheard of in children, however, with the lifestyle changes which have occurred over the past decade or so, this is growing to be an ever-increasing concern.

Symptoms of Diabetes

The skewed blood sugar levels may cause a number of symptoms, most notably increased thirst and urination, unusual weight loss, blurred vision, tiredness. Type 2 diabetes may also result in frequent infections which heal very slowly. Though there is no known cure for either type of diabetes, type 2 can occasionally be removed through gastric surgery with lifestyle changes and medication treatment.  Both types result in a need for a drastic overhaul in one’s lifestyle. The levels of insulin must be monitored regularly; dieting and exercise become a necessity. Regular check-ups and cautious living will be a reality for anyone who has contracted diabetes.

Though there is need for much change, it is completely possible in today’s society to live fully with diabetes. It is even more possible to alter one’s lifestyle to prevent to onset of type 2 diabetes; with health conscious choices now, there is no need to become concerned. If diabetes is suspected, seek medical attention immediately, for clearance and support. Health in general is growing concern today, and with the rapid rate of technology, diabetes no longer defines those it inflicts, but that does not mean it is a vacant concern. Being informed is the first step in being protected.

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