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What Is Cellulite ? Cellulite Treatment & Removal

What is Cellulite

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin appears to have areas with underlying fat getting deposited, giving it a dimpled and lumpy appearance. It is the collections of fat which expand and push against the connective tissue of your skin. These masses of fat hang out around the butt, belly portion of the body and thighs. These skin areas are having fats which are getting accumulated underneath the epithelial layer, which makes the skin pucker and gives it a dimple orange peel skin. The skin texture in these areas is generally uneven.

What Causes Cellulite

The reasons leading to cellulite formation are lack of routine exercise, insufficient water consumption, unhealthy diet, poor blood circulation and also age factor are often inclining reasons to add. Also, major causes being hormonal changes in women puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Even diet and lifestyle equally contribute. Cellulite is visible in women due to less collagen in their skin. Obese men are frequently unaffected by it. In men, the subcutaneous fats are arranged in smaller units, which means that the chambers store smaller unit of fat and reduce cellulite development. It also occurs due to excessive toxins i.e. fried foods, alcohol, caffeine etc and waste products residual in the body, as they aren’t removed during the digestion process.

What Is Cellulite ? Cellulite Treatment & Removal

Cellulite Removal

1. Eradicate all types of processed and junk foods from your diet. Comprise more of kale, broccoli, grapes and cherries in your meal, all of which have vital substances meant to take care of your skin. Foods such oily fish and nuts are recommended for those who wish to get rid of cellulite naturally. As vegetables and fruit are rich in vitamins and minerals, it is the best way to treat your body with right amount of nutrients it requires. Regular consumption is good for healthy skin and detoxification of the body.

2. To flush excess toxins and waste products from within the body, consume ample of water to reduce cellulite appearance.

3. For reducing cellulite, performing regular routine exercises is also vital. Combine your exercise with a healthy dietary to reduce fat and cellulite. However absence of exercise in your daily routine will indeed show minimal results. So it is essential to balance both your diet and exercise in a healthy manner. Also, cardio work outs and aerobics is an intelligent way of treating cellulite. It will decrease the deposition of excessive cellulite and change your appearance gradually. If aren’t used to a lot of exercise, then try walking a mile everyday.

4. Home remedy:

Add three tablespoons of almond body oil and half a cup of sea salt to two cups of ground coffee and blend all thoroughly, coat it on your fat areas. Use warm towel to cover it and for 20 minutes leave it on the skin. Cellulite would be reduced if you apply this pack regularly. It is advisable that the person should exfoliate the area before applying this pack, so that the pores of the skin open up for a superior effect.

What Is Cellulite ? Cellulite Treatment & Removal

What Is Cellulite ? Cellulite Treatment & Removal

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