Breast Cancer

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What Is Breast Cancer, Symptoms, Types & Facts

Cancer is one of the most dreaded that affects several lives around the world every year. There are different types of cancer and it can be caused in different parts of the body. Both men as well as women are equally vulnerable to get affected by cancer. One of the most common types of cancer among women is the Breast Cancer. While breast cancer is a rare phenomenon among men, they are not completely immune from it. Breast cancer is caused mainly due to unusual growth of tumor cells around the breast area.

If the tumor cells growth is not addressed in the initial stage itself it hinders the normal cell growth in that region. Breast cancer can be very painful to endure. One of the most dreaded facts about this viscous disease is that it doesn’t show any signs of early development of symptoms. However, there are certain minor signs that indicate the growth of breast cancer cells. You need to watchful about noticing these signs for getting treatment in the early stage itself.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer:

  • Ideally, every woman is aware of their shape and size of her breast. If you notice any deformation or swelling around the breast it may be the first signs of cancer
  • Appearance of lumps or thickening of certain parts of breast
  • If you notice any scales or rashes over the breast skin, you must immediately get it diagnosed
  • Unusual growth in size of one breast; one breast appearing larger than the other
  • Reversed nipples or nipples pushed inwards
  • Unusual discharge of colorless or yellow fluid from the nipples

The symptoms of breast cancer are almost the same for men and women. However, men also tend to experience severe pain in their nipples and it becomes sore and puffy.

Facts of  Breast Cancer:

  • As women grow older, the chances of getting breast cancer increases. Research suggest that majority of the advanced case of this deadly cancer are women aged over 50 years.
  • If you are a regular smoker or if you drink alcoholic beverages every day, you are at a higher risk of getting affected by breast cancer.
  • Studies indicate that women who never had children or gave birth to a child after they reach 30 years are more vulnerable to get affected from breast cancer.
  • Women who use oral contraceptive drugs regularly are at greater risk of contracting breast cancer.
  • A series of studies conducted on the development of breast cancer has revealed that women who undergo hormone replacement therapy are susceptible to getting affected by breast cancer.
  • Family history plays a crucial role in whether or not you would get breast cancer. If you have any close relative who has suffered from breast cancer, chances are high that you may also get affected.

Types of Breast Cancer:

1. Ductal Carcinoma

  • This type of breast cancer begins in the cells that line the beast ducts beneath the areola and nipple. It is the most common type of cancer; nearly 85% to 90% of the women who suffer from breast cancer have Ductal Carcinoma. If the cancer is Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS), it is non invasive, well enclosed and it can be treated easily. The treatment of this type of breast cancer involves radiation. In some cases, the doctor may suggest you to undergo chemotherapy.

2. Lobular Carcinoma

  • The Lobular carcinoma starts in the glands that create milk in the breast or in the breast lobes. The lobes are placed deep inside the breast underneath the ducts. Nearly 8% of breast cancers are diagnosed to be lobular carcinoma. If the cancer is LCIS it is an indication that the cancer is restricted only to the lobes and it has not spread.


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