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What is a Resort Spa

A resort spa is a place you stay overnight to enjoy yourself. Unlike health spas and destination spas, it is much more flexible. You choose treatments you like with extra money, including golf, tennis, gyms and so on. In order to get more attention, some destination spas calling themselves “spa resorts” as it is a hot search item on the Internet.

The traditional resort spa offers a variety of spa treatments. And most importantly, they are independent of each other. They are not in a package like health spa. You can eat the food whatever you like. The newly opened resort spas are more lavish and larger.

Classes and lectures are optional for resort spa. So you had better do some research about the place you are going to visit. Golden Door Spa at the Boulders and the Spa at Camelback Inn in Scottsdale are two best resort spas which offer some excellent wellness classes which are free.

Resort spa should have a spa restaurant. As most of the people like to order the pricy food, the food there is usually expensive. People on vacation are usually generous towards themselves. Nowadays, a spa is a necessity for most spa hotels and resorts.


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