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What Food Cause Acne

The exact reason for acne is not clear, so is the exact relationship between food and acne. However, it’s believed that food do have effects on the acne. Here are some foods that can cause or worsen acne. Pay attention to them and try to avoid these foods intake.

  • Dairy products. Dairy products are usually high energy- yielding and high fat. And the milk coming from pregnant cows contains hormones which are supposed to be an important factor for acne. Actually, the milk from other animals are something that our digestive system can’t digest properly.
  • High-fat food and refined carbohydrates. High-fat food may be the biggest reason for blood sugar problems which can cause a cascading hormonal and then aggravate acne. Refined carbohydrates foods should be avoided also because it can cause and aggravate blood sugar problems. And our digest system also lacks the enzymes to digest the grains completely.
  • Processed foods. Actually, most processed foods are highly refined and remain little taste. So, they can also lead to allergic reaction, inflammation and then acne eventually. They also contain flavors, additives and other chemical which are not good for your health.
  • Caffeine. You may get caffeine from many sources including coffee, black and Green Tea, sodas and some pain killers. It can increasingly trigger the adrenalin glands to release stress hormones. The stress hormones will increase your stress level which is bad for your skin and health. And it can disturb your sleep which is important for physical repair and detoxing.

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