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What Are Whiteheads? Causes And Treatments

Whiteheads is another form of acne. It’s different from the blackheads in that the blackheads are open comedones, while whiteheads are closed ones. But, just as blackheads, it’s really common and annoying. What are whiteheads exactly is? What causes them and how to treat them? Go on reading, you’ll get some useful information.

What are whiteheads

Whiteheads, just like the blackheads, are collections of sebum and keratin that plug the skin pore and imbed themselves in the follicular canal. They are also known as closed comedones since they have only a microscopic opening to the skin surface. Whiteheads are not oxidized and remain white because the air cannot reach the follicle.

What causes whiteheads

Whiteheads are caused by clogged pores. When bacteria and dirt in the air combines with the oil on your face or body, whiteheads will occur. Just because the oxidization doesn’t reach the follicle, so they show up as tiny, pearly, white raised spots. Poor hygiene, poor hydration or bad lifestyle may all be the causes of whiteheads.

How to treat whiteheads

  • Wash your face with a facial cleanser that can help fight against whiteheads. Alpha hydroxyl acid, beta hydroxyl acid, benzoyl peroxide are all antibacterial ingredients that can treat the whiteheads effectively.
  • Use oil-free and non-comedogenic skin care products and cosmetics. It is believed that fragrance-free products are better to minimize inflammation and irritation.
  • Keep a healthy diet. Keep away from processed foods and high-fat foods. Increase the vegetable and fruit intake.
  • Drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.
  • Keep your belongings like pillow clean.
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle. Exercise regularly, keep enough sleep, and avoid smoking and alcohol. This will go long way in preventing whiteheads.
  • Squeeze them out. Wash your face and pour some cooled boiled water over a wash cloth. Press it over the whiteheads to help loosen it up. Use a blackhead extractor to press the cloth on your face, then, squeeze the whitehead with the extractor. Remember to rub alcohol to the area to prevent infection.

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