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What are The Effects of Smoking Cigarettes

Generally speaking, smoking affects nearly every organ in the body. Most of smokers are suffering from smoking-related diseases and the health level is usually low. Here we will discuss about the specific effects of cigarettes in following aspects.

Smoking and higher health risks

  • Smokers are at a higher risk of almost every kind of diseases. According to some statistics, it increases the risk of coronary heart disease by 2 to 4 times, stroke by 2-4 times. The possibility for men to get lung cancer is increased as 23 times as a normal guy while for women, is 13 times. So once you start to smoke, you are putting yourself in danger.

Smoking and death

  • About 443,000 people per year die from the adverse effects of smoking in the US. In other words, one fifth death can be attributed to cigarettes. Studies even show that the death due to smoking is equal to the death of HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, murder and so on combined. Its harmfulness is so evident that almost every people were hurt by smoking. 80% women lung cancer patient and 90% lung men lung cancer patient are getting the disease because of smoking.

Smoking and Cancer

  • Smoking increases the risk of getting cancer, including Kidney cancer, Bladder cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Stomach cancer etc.

Smoking and Respiratory Disease

  • It is known to all that smoking causes lung cancer and other lung-related diseases. Since the smoke go into your body through the respiratory tract, they are exposed to lots of toxic substances. Problems then appear.

Smoking and other adverse health effects

  • It decreases the conceiving chance for women and the baby is more likely to be unhealthy. It found that women who smoke have lower bone density than non-smokers.  They may even be confronted with the problem of preterm delivery and stillbirth.

 Smoking and Cardiovascular Disease

  • Smoking can lead to Cardiovascular Disease which is a kind of disease that responsible for a major part of death in American. It narrows the blood vessel and as a result, the blood circulation decreases. It increases the possibility of developing peripheral vascular disease.


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