Shin Splints

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What Are Shin Splints? Causes & Symptoms of Shin Splints

What Are shin splints

People who engage in running sports may have experienced a sharp pain beneath the shin. This condition usually termed as shin splints. The acute pain is located along the inside edge of the tibia and in the front of the lower legs. Shin splints may be a sign of bone and surrounding tissues damage, so never run through the pain and stop doing the activity for at least two weeks.

What Causes Shin Splints

Being a common condition for both recreational and trained athletes, shin splints is usually caused by a sudden change in activity level, such as increasing the distance or run urgently. Running on hard surfaces may lead to shin splints easily.

The acute pain is usually caused by swelling and inflammation of the muscles, tendons. The excessive pressure on the lower leg muscles and excessive impact on the muscle may result in shin splints too.

Other causes include chronic anterior compartment syndrome which affects the outer side of the front leg and stress fracture which can cause sharp pain near the knee.

Symptoms of shin splints

Symptoms may be a little varied according to the severity, here are some common ones:

  • Tenderness
  • Pain along the inner part of your lower leg
  • Swelling
  • Inflammation
  • The affected area is hot

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