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What Are Pimples? Causes & Types of Acne

Besides blackheads and whiteheads, many people may also suffer from pimples. Then, what are pimples? What causes pimples? This article will provide you some information.

What are pimples

Pimples are small spots resulting of excess oil. When the sebaceous glands become overactive, and be infected with bacteria, then fill up with pus, pimples form. They are usually inflamed and swollen.

What causes pimples

  • Oils, bacteria and dead skin cells are all factors that contribute to the formation of pimples. The sebaceous glands produce sebum inside the pores of skin and the dead skin cells left behind get stuck together with the sticky sebum, causing unclogged pores. Then, bacteria feed off the sebum and produce a substance and then lead to inflammation of the skin.
  • Poor hygiene, unbalanced hormone, oily make up, comedogenic skin care products and cosmetics, improper lifestyle and unhealthy diet, all of these may be the factors that cause pimples. So, in order to prevent and remove pimples, you should:
  • Keep a healthy diet. Avoid processed, high-fat food. Eat more vegetables and fruits Drink loads of water.
  • Release stress and keep relax. Do exercise regularly.
  • Use oil-free, non-comedogenic cosmetics and skin care products. Fragrance-free products may be better choices.
  • Keep your face and body clean. Wash your face twice a day and take shower every day. If you work out and sweat a lot, shower immediately.

Types of Acne

Blackheads Non-inflamed clogged pore, open top, exposure to air, black
Whiteheads Smallish red pimples, white pussy heads, non-inflamed, clogged below the surface of the skin
Papules Inflamed, tender red bumps, fill with pus, somewhat raised
Pustules Hard, inflamed, full of pus including defining white or yellow center
Nodules and Cysts Large painful bumps, hard, not filled with pus(Nodules), filled with pus and feel like fluid filled sacs(Cysts), inflammation, severe acne lesions
Sebaceous Filaments Not a kind of acne but also be misunderstood, tiny tubes with sebum, dotted tips, lighter in color, evenly spaced, smooth to touch.

Get Rid of Pimples


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