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Published on May 7th, 2014 | by Tom


How to Treat a Foot Blister

When you’re wearing a new pair of shoes especially high heels, you are likely to form a blister after the shoe rubs constantly against the back of the heel. It is painful and upsetting. Unfortunately, if you are a sufferer of foot blisters, read the following article and you will soon walk  swiftly on your feet. 


  • Wash your hands first. Wash your hands before you are going to deal with the blister areas, which will minimize the risk of bacterial infection.
  • Clean the Blister area.  Since the blistered areas are easy to get infected, it’s important to clear the blister area with warm water with soap and then rub some alcohol on the area for disinfection.
  • Cover the blistered area. After disinfecting the blister areas, gently press the blister to let the fluid drain and then use protective covers like a clean napkin, a gauze bandage, plaster, mole skin to blind up the wound. It is better to use low-adherent or non-adherent dressing for easier changing next time so as not to disturb the healing of the skin. Keep the bandage clean and change it frequently.
  • Keep the Flap of Skin. To protect the sensitive skin underneath, it is better to keep the flap of skin left over and leave it in place, since it will serve as a biologic cover and guards your injured skin from coming into contact with bacteria and becoming infected.
  •  Apply Antibiotic Ointments. Once the bandage sticks to the blister, applying antibiotic ointments will help you solve the problem and helps lower the risk of infection as well. Polymyxin B or bacitracin is available choice. But stop when you feel intense pain on the area.
  • Use a special blister plaster. A medicated special blister plaster that can dry the blister may serves as an alternative treatment for the recovery of the blister. You can buy it at your local nursery house or supermarket.
  • Avoid long time walking Do not go out for long time activities before the blister is fully recovered. It is dangerous to do sports while you are still painful, you may possibly get another blister or further infection.

Tips to prevent blisters on feet

  • Choose proper shoes with proper size to your own feet
  • It’s wise to apply a layer of protection between your feet and the back of the heels to prevent potential blisters
  • To keep your feet dry by changing socks and shoes when it is getting wet or use foot powder to prevent blister formation.

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