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What You Should Do At A Spa, Tips For Spa Treatment

You may have some embarrassing experience when first to do something. Spa is no exception. Here, we will provide you with some tips that benefit you in your future spa treatment.

Keep your cell phone away

Cell phone is a big distraction that prevents you from enjoying yourself. Imagine, when you taking a spa, a call is coming, you have to answer it. Then you have something bothering you. A book or magazine can be a good choice.

Arrive without delay

Rush can never be a good thing. You should arrive earlier before scheduled time as you need to do some paper work. However, it is also depends on your spa type. 10 to 15 minutes is suitable for a basic spa. Of course, you do not need to get there far earlier. Prepare everything you need in advance. If you book a large spa, like a resort spa, hotel spa, etc. For a popular one, you need to stand in a line. You should also spare time for clothes changing and treating yourself a hot bath by taking advantage of their hot tub. And if it is your first time to come to this spa room, you need some time to get familiar with the amenities and services they offer.

Have a shower

As I mentioned above, take a shower before your spa treatment will freshen you up. Be careful with those chemicals in your hot tub or pool. You need to get rid of them before take a massage.

Make request when you want

When make a massage appointment, you should make your point clear. For example, which one do you prefer, female or male therapist. It is quite common that they get a male one for you if you do not ask a female one.

You should feel free to ask something or change something during the treatments, such as more pressure, less pressure. As you come here for comfort, never be shy to make a demand.

Take your massage you prefer

In order to get maximum possible relaxation of the body, nudity is required. Of course, you will be covered with a sheet. Only the massaged part is being exposed. You may feel uncomfortable when being nude before strangers. In this case, you can keep your underwear on or other clothes. Thai massage is different from American massage. You can have your clothes on, but it is a little advanced for tyro. Remember that a body treatment is always before a massage, and then comes to a facial.

Conversation is acceptable

You can just simply enjoy your treatment by saying nothing or have some small talks with your therapist. It is all your choice. Generally, it is polite to keep your voice down by using a so-called spa voice.

Cancel your appointment in advance

A 24-hour cancellation policy is available for you. So once you have a change, let the spas know. A therapist may just wait for you in the whole time and if you refuse to pay, all consequences will come to your therapist.


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