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How To Pluck Your Eyebrows

A Well-plucked eyebrow is very important for your whole appearance. Many women tend to choose to enter the eyebrow boutiques to get their eyebrows tweezed or threaded professionally. Actually, once the professor has set a blueprint for your eyebrows, you can tweeze your own eyebrows by yourself. Here are steps and tips on plucking eyebrows.


First, get your skin prepared. Use a washcloth or a facial scrub to cleanse your skin. Then use a clean toothbrush to brush brows up and out. Get a good pair of tweezers with a slanted edge and a good mirror for ready. Start your tweezing anywhere but not from above. Remember you should not grab too many hairs at a time and your tweezing should in the direction the hairs grow. Both the top and the bottom should be tweezed to make them both smoothly. The space between your brows is also very important. Usually, they should be equal to, or a little wider than the space between your eyes. You can use a brush or a  Eyeliner pencil and hold it parallel to the side of your nose. Your brow should begin at the place where the brush meets your brow and you should tweeze the strays in between. All your job should be done under a bright light and you should be careful all the time because it takes months for your brows grow back once they’re overplucked. If you done all the things, to calm the redness, you can apply aloe vera gel.


1. You can wipe your tweezers’ tips with alcohol regularly to maintain their firm grip.

2. If your brows are sparse or spotty, use a pencil to fill in with short, feathered strokes from the inside of the brow out. By rubbing your brows carefully with a brush or your fingertips, you can got a natural effect.

3.  To keep your brows in place for a whole day, you need brow gel. Also, you can use a dab of hairspray instead.

4.  Your body is sensitive to hair removal, so you can choose to do brow-shaping the week after your period begins. It’s the ideal time because your body is least sensitive to hair removal that time.


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