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Tips On Graduation Prom Makeup

Your graduation is coming and the big pro just over there. You may feel confused about how to do the makeup for the prom. Here is some advice for your prom makeup.

Here again, I’d like to stress the importance of your eyes. It may be the best and most attractive part of you. Use a deep brown liquid Eyeliner to draw line along your upper lashes. Then, apply the lightest shade in the entire lid up to browbone as the base. Next, blend the darker shade and shade it into the crease. A trick here to make your eyes pop is to apply a white eyeliner at the inside corner of the eye. Several coats of dark brown or black mascara should be followed to make the lashes thick and dark. Remember to have your brows manicured. Trust me, it will make great difference. To play up your pale skin with a pink blush to make yourself looks young. And apply powder and have blotting papers in your purse if you have oily skin. A moisturizer is need if you have dry skin. Make your eyes salient, you should keep your lips light. You’re already to go after all these steps.

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