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Tips for Lips Makeup—How to Apply Lipstick

You may have heard thousands of praises for your lips or you’ve probably complained your scaly or unshapely lips for many times. Anyhow, you have to do something with your lips now. To accentuate them to be your best feature if your lips were been praised and to beautify them if you’re not content with them. Then, how to do lips makeup? How to Apply Lipstick? You’re the right place here. We have got some great tips here ready for you. Finish them, and you’ll know how you can get perfect lips.

Know your lips–Have a close study on your lips and to know what you lips want. Which colors, shades and kinds are suitable for your lips and will beautify yourself? Here are my suggestions: light, glossy colors such as baby pinks are good for pale-skinned lips. If you lips are moderate-skinned, choose muted colors like muted pinks. And both gold browns and cherry reds are right choice for those lips are dark-skinned. Of course, these are only some advice. You can vary your choice. Anyhow, find a color that you like and matches you.

Lipliner–You need a lipliner to line your lips a perfect outline for you to apply your lipstick. A lipliner two shades than the lipstick is good. If you have scaly lips,  Exfoliate your lips with Vaseline and toothbrush first, Then, use your lipliner to draw a line from the outside to the center. If you have plump lips, just apply the liner outside your natural lip line. But for thin lips, to make your lips look plump, color a little outside of the edge.

Lipstick—Fill in the lines with your lipstick correctly. You can apply a little more if you think one coat is not enough. But, remember, never overuse the lipsticks, greasy lips are not so attractive and can be rub off easily. Mostly, we apply right form the tube. You may tend to use a special lipstick brush. You have free choice, as long as you lipstick was perfectly applied. Then, use a tissue or your finger to blot. Dab a little gloss in the center of your bottom lip if desired. Then, look at the mirror, you’re finished.

Here are some tips for you in the daily life about your lips makeup and lipstick usage. Finish them, you’ll find they are very useful.

Useful tips and tricks

  1. A darker liner is not matches light lipstick. Such collocation makes you tacky.
  2. If you want to take a sip from a glass, lick your lips first. To keep excess lipstick off your teeth, pop your index finger on your mouth, and pull it out. Then, the lipstick will come off on your finger.
  3. If you own a bad color lipstick, never throw out immediately. You can blend it with lipliner and may get a good effect.
  4. You can heal your broken lipstick by taking off the broken part and wave a lit the lipstick to match under the broken piece. Put if back on the base when it’s melted. Then, swivel it down and put it in your fridge for half an hour. Remember, keep it uncovered.
  5. Lipsticks with a bluish undertone such as plums, pinks can help camouflage your yellowed teeth.
  6. Again and again, I’d like to stress is that never play up your lips and your eyes both. Focus one of them. Heavy Eye Makeup with heavy lipstick make you look clownish.


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