Prostate Cancer

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Symptoms of Prostate Cancer, Causes & Treatments

Prostate cancer is another rather common cancer found in a man’s prostate. Most men don’t think about their prostate until it becomes larger as they age and then it has an effect on how often they have to urinate. This gland produces seminal fluid and cancer tends to happen later in life. It is a rather slow growing cancer and tends to stay confined to the prostate unless caught too late. There are a few types of aggressive prostate cancer and it is why men should be screened regularly. When caught early it is very treatable and has a high survival rate.

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Often there are no signs or symptoms of prostate cancer in the early stages. Some of the common symptoms as it develops are trouble urinating and decreased force in the stream of urination. Of course these two things can also be associated with age and thereby are often missed. Blood in urine or semen is another potential sign of the development of prostate cancer. Swelling in the legs or bone pain may be a symptom. Discomfort in the pelvic area is a rare symptom but is sometimes when men finally recognize the rest of the symptoms.

Cause of Prostate Cancer

Like most cancers there is no clear cause of prostate cancer. It begins when abnormal cells begin to reproduce in the prostate. There are links to prostate cancer running in families so it is important to know the history of the men in your family. You will want to be more closely monitored if it has occurred in your family’s past. It is possible for the tumor to invade other areas, so if other members of your family have had aggressive prostate cancer you want to be particularly careful. Obesity and older age can progress the disease. You also have a higher risk factor if you are black.

Treatments for Prostate Cancer

Sometimes men don’t require any treatment for prostate cancer. It simply needs to be monitored for growth. Some people never get treatment for prostate cancer, and if your prostate cancer begins to progress you can opt for surgery and/or radiation. The radiation treatments can be external or internal depending on how you wish to treat the disease. Hormone treatment is another option because if you deny your body testosterone the cancer tends not to grow. Surgery requires the removal of your prostate to totally eliminate the possibility of reoccurrence.

Prostate cancer is scary for many men but it is treatable and has such a high survival rate that you shouldn’t worry much. With careful monitoring and a good doctor you will know all your options. This allows you to choose the right path for your treatment and help to ensure you survival. Overall it is a cancer that can be beaten with considerable success. Getting regular check-ups is a good way to ensure you catch the disease early before it becomes a big problem.

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