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Something You Should Know About Destination Spa

Destination Spa is a kind of spa that requires you to stay at their place for two or three nights. By designing out a full program, they help people to develop a healthy lifestyle. The program usually includes a tailor-made diet, some classes and lectures about fitness and wellness and some spa treatments. The price usually covers all meals, accommodation and other services.

The biggest difference between resort spa and destination spa is the activities they provide. Normally, resort spa offers some classes and optional menu with extra money. Even though some resorts identified them as ‘destination spas” now, they do not conform to the traditional destination spas’ idea.

Let’s talk about it in food, people and personalities respectively.

Firstly, each destination spa has its own characteristic. According to their philosophies or purpose, their food menu may be different. For example, if they mainly about weight loss, then they will provide you with restricted calories food. Some may serve alcohol while others may not. In spite of their emphasis on healthy lifestyle, the food might not have to be organic.

Secondly, birds of a feather flock together. People around you always share your interest in health. You can make friends with them. Take some exercises together. Having a companion is always better than alone.

Lastly, as for their personalities, they are varied a lot from each other. Their size, price and setting are independent. In general, they can afford 8-250 guests, usually at 60.And price is varied from a few hundred dollars per night to eight thousand a week.


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