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Sinus Infection Symptoms and Home Remedies

Sinuses are small cavities in the skull that are usually filled with air. These cavities produce mucus that helps in keeping the nasal passage free from pollutants and allergens. However, when there is an infection, there is a swelling of the tissue that lines these cavities. This swelling blocks off the mucus and the air inside them. As a result, one feels pain and pressure and this can lead to a bacterial infection.

Sinus infections are classified into 2 types

Acute Sinus

This lasts for up to 4 weeks

Chronic Sinus

This lasts fro more than12 weeks and can go on for years. As a result, it can be really difficult to determine the cause of the Sinus Infection. Additionally, it can be really hard to treat the infection as well. Therefore, one needs to find the cause of the infection in the first few weeks as well. He or she will have to undergo various tests and this should lead to the root cause.


The symptoms of both acute and chronic sinus are similar. Let’s take a look at the symptoms.

  • There is pain
  • Facial Pressure
  • Thick discolored mucus
  • Congestion

There are antibiotics available to treat the infection. However, you need to keep one thing in mind; antibiotics contain strong drugs and may provide relief in the short to medium term. However, antibiotics are also known to have side effects in the long run. Therefore, one needs to get into the root cause to find the reasons behind why the infection was caused in the first place. If you are able to find the cause of the infection it will be really easy to treat the infection as you will always take steps and work towards avoiding the contracting of the virus in the future.

Home remedies for sinus infection 

Eucalyptus Oil

It is recommended you dilute a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil with warm water and apply it on the cheek bones. Such a process is known to provide instant relief.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a good option to treating sinus infection. Lemon balm is quite effective in fighting against the virus causing germs, bacteria and fungus. One should boil dried lemon balm leaves for 10 minutes and gargle. You will definitely feel better.

Vapor Therapy:

This method is used on a very large scale. It is really simple, as all you need to do is boil water in a kettle till the time it steams. You then pour the hot water in a bowl and cover your head and face with a towel and inhale and exhale the vapor through your nose for a few minutes. This will make you sweat and after a few minutes when you are done, you will definitely feel better and more importantly, you will feel fresh.

The above methods help you in treating the sinus virus. However, one should always eat and drink healthy foodstuff. One should always work towards strengthening of one’s immune system. A strong immune system helps in keeping petty sicknesses at bay. One should always try and avoid dust and other form of pollutions. Besides, you should try and avoid cold foods. If you are suffering from sinus, you should strictly avoid smoking and smoking is known to aggravate the situation.

To conclude, eating and drinking nutritious foodstuff is the key to a healthy lifestyle. This will help in strengthening the immune system, which is vital at keeping sicknesses away. Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are bad habits and one should strictly avoid doing so and avoid sinus infections.

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