Published on May 10th, 2013 | by Tom


How to Shape Eyebrows: A Beauty Step You Can’t Skip

You may have the feeling that Eye Makeup is the most important step in your beauty routine. Once the eyeliner, mascara are applied, you think you’re ready to go. Whether the brow is shaped or not, you may think has little influence on you appearance. You’re wrong. Just image a woman with a big, bright, beautiful eye while whose eyebrows are sparse or rambling. You won’t think that’s good, will you? Actually, a woman may look put together even without a drop of makeup, when her brows are perfectly shaped. Shaping your brow is a beauty step that you can never skip. Trust me. There are many stories of this kind. A girl or a woman became so different when she has his brow well-plucked. You can have an experiment by yourself and you may find that a little plucking can really go a long way. Believe me. Never skip the step of brow shaping.


image [alexiskbrows]

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