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How To Prevent Diabetes, Type 1 & Type 2 Diet

Diabetes, a medical condition in which someone has too much sugar in their blood is growing at a scary rate. It can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Fortunately, it’s also one of the most preventable diseases around. Try these effective methods to prevent diabetes and reduce the risk of getting heart disease.

First of all, you may have to be familiar with the different types of diabetes for there are no known methods to prevent type 1 diabetes. There are mainly two types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes: Type 1 was previously known as juvenile diabetes; usually occur prior to the age of 30. As insulin-dependent diabetes, people suffering from type 1 diabetes have to take injections for life for their body is unable to produce insulin. Only 10% of people with diabetes have type 1. The signs and symptoms of type 1 diabetes mainly including:

  • Often feel very thirsty and hungry
  • Feel tired or fatigued
  • Urinate more often
  • Lose weight without trying
  • Have blurry eyesight
  • Flushed face
  • Deep and rapid breathing
  • Unable to keep down fluids
  • Stomach pain

Type 1 diabetes symptoms

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Type 2 diabetes: Type 2 diabetes is more prevalent than type 1. More common in adults, type 2 diabetes is also known as adult-onset or noninsulin-dependent diabetes. It’s a chronic condition in which the body either resists the effects of insulin or doesn’t produce enough insulin to maintain a normal glucose level. If not be treated properly, type 2 diabetes may be life-threatening. People with type 2 diabetes often show the following symptoms:

  • Being very thirsty
  • More urination
  • Irritability
  • Frequent skin, bladder or gum infection
  • Wounds that don’t heal
  • Extreme unexplained fatigue
  • Tingling or numbness in the hands or feet

Type 2 diabetes  symptoms

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As for type 1 diabetes, there are no known preventable methods, but when it comes to type 2 diabetes, prevention plays an extremely important role. Try these diabetes prevention tips as following to help decrease the risk of getting diabetes:

Get familiar with your family history. Type 2 diabetes tends to run in family. So, you run a higher risk of getting diabetes if you have one or more family members with the disease. It means you must pay more attention to your body condition.

Have test. Get regular screening test to check whether you have an increased chance of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It’s important to start early if your tests show “pre-diabetes”.

Do physical exercise frequently. High blood sugar is a risk factor that associated with diabetes. Exercise can help you lower your blood sugar and lose weight. More importantly, it can boost your sensitivity to insulin. Both aerobic exercise and resistance training are helpful. If you always drive to work, just ditch your car and walk a lot. It will make a difference too.

Keep your scale. More pounds mean higher risk. Even 10 pounds loss can make the condition extremely different. Keep a close eye to your weight. Try to lose your weight by doing more exercise and eating healthier diet. 

Get enough sleep. There has researches showing that sleeping less than 6 hours is associated with a 60% higher rate of diabetes. So, get more hours of sleep to help you lower your diabetes problems.

Keep relaxed. Chronic stress contributes to blood sugar levels, which will increase the risk of diabetes. And simple relaxation exercise and other stress management moves can make a difference.

How To Prevent Diabetes, Type 1 & Type 2 Diet

Change your diet. Eating right is vital if you want to prevent diabetes. A diabetes diet can help you lower the chance of diabetes significantly.

  • Choose whole grain food. A higher whole grain intake means a lower rate of diabetes. So, try to increase your consumptions of whole grain in your diet. Increase the intake of cereal, which is one of the best sources of whole grains. Millet, amaranth, quinoa are always whole grains.
  • Quit the sugar. Watch out for all sugary foods and beverages. You should avoid the sugar at all cost. Give up those snacks and soft drinks that contain much invisible sugar. Instead, choose some sugarless products like soda water or sparkling mineral water.
  • Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. Dark green veggies, orange veggies, beans and peas are good options.
  • Quit high-fat diet and choose high-protein diet. Look for foods with good fiber content, which can slow down the digestive process and the speed with which glucose enters the bloodstream.

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