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Home Remedies for Cough, How to Treat Cough

Cough is a natural phenomenon by which human body tries to eliminate the foreign materials from the throat or from the air passage way. Coughing can also be a symptom of infection in the respiratory tract. While, coughing itself is not a disease, it can be extremely irritating to be coughing constantly. While there are several OTC drugs, it is better that you use natural homemade remedies to get rid of a cough. Some of the best home remedies for cough are discussed below:

1. Horehound:

It is an herb that is originally found across Europe, but today it is also grown extensively in several countries in south and North America. Horehound is a traditional herb that has been used for various medical purposes especially for treating cough and bronchitis symptoms since 2002 years.

2. Lemon and Honey:

This is probably one of the oldest home remedies for treating cough. It is also one of the most easy to prepare home medicines; you simply have to extract the juice from lemon and mix it with honey in a cup and take a teaspoon full of the mixture to get rid of cough. If you wish to some stronger element in the lemon-honey cough syrup, you can add a clove of grated garlic or a pinch of cayenne pepper. The lemon and honey syrup is a powerful remedy for different kinds of cough. The vitamin C content of the lemon juice actively fights the infection and Honey helps in soothing the sore throat caused by irritation. Also, honey has anti-bacterial properties, which kills the bacteria that cause coughing. Cayenne pepper is known for its natural painkilling properties and it helps in improving the blood circulation in the body and it speeds-up the recovery process.

3. Cherries:

Cherries are a wonderful fruit that helps you to get rid of cough. Add 2 cups full of cherries in a pan and pour some water in the pan. Make sure that you add only enough water so that the cherries are completely immersed in the water. Cut a couple of slices of lemon and add it in the pan. Also add 2 cups of honey. Give a gentle stir to the mixture and keep the mixture over a stove till boiling. Allow the mixture to boil until all the cherries are soft. When the cherries are soft, remove the pan from heat and take out the cherry pits and lemon slices form the mixture. Store the mixture at a low temperature and take a couple of teaspoons of the mixture when you start coughing. The mixture would provide you quick relief.

4. Turmeric Roots:

Turmeric is one of the commonly used herbal ingredients in all homes. It is known for its anti-septic properties. It also works effectively to provide quick relief from coughing, especially if you have dry cough. Bake the root of the turmeric root plant until it is soft and then crush it to make a powder. Use about 3 grams of power twice every day in the morning as well as in the evening to get rid of coughing completely.

5. Raisin Sauce:

This is another effective home remedies for cough. You can make the sauce easily at home by crushing about 100 gm of raisins with water. Add about 100 gm of sugar to the crushed raisin mixture and mix it all together before putting it over heat. While you heat the mixture keep a close watch on it and stir it in between to blend the sugar and raisins together. Heat the mixture until you get a sauce like consistency and remove it from the heat. Store the sauce in a clean bottle and take about 20 grams of the sauce every day before you go to bed to prevent coughing.

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