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Makeup Tips: How To Apply Makeup

Most girls and women may feel annoyed with some skin problems. To own wonderful skin,  is a dream of all of us. Just imagine your skins praised by all people. You can be more confident. I promise. So, how to own wonderful skin? Here are some secrets.

What you must do before foundation

Before applying foundation, you should first slather primer, which is a new trend for makeup. The primer can plump, moisturize your skin and keep your foundation from settling into pores and wrinkles. You can also use moisturizer, but it not works so well.

Concealer should be applied before your foundation too. Apply Concealer just along the nose, under eyes and on the chin. According to Bobbi Brown, a makeup artist, you won’t need as much foundation if you apply concealer before.

What you should know about foundation application

Select a foundation that has a proper color and formula for your skin type. You can have two shades of foundation to meet the needs of different seasons—the darker one for summer and the brighter one for winter. Mix them in spring and autumn.

Up to your preference, use a brush, a sponge or your finger to Apply Foundation. They all have some specific advantages. No matter which one, use it to blend your foundation correctly.Foundation brush may be a good choice if you want more coverage. Starting in the center, and then blending outward. To avoid “mask face”, you must pay attention around neck.

Apply foundation all over the face will result in”cake face”. Remenber avoid full foundation coverage and just cover your uneven skin tone. A tinted moisturizer is suggested here if you want a sheer, natural coverage.

What you should do if you have oily skin, ultra-white skin, ruddy skin or dark under-eye circles

As for oily skin,cakey, too-powdered look should be avoided. Actually, natural oils may make your looks more “dewy” and it tends to develop fewer lines. Oil-free primer should be used to keep your makeup in place. And powder the chin and nose only.

Add color and shimmer to it with Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse if you have ultra- white skin.

Tone down your ruddy skin with a yellow- or green-based foundation. Pink-based foundations and tinted moisturizers should be avoided, for they will strengthen your red complexion.

Peach or yellow tone concealers are useful to neutralize dark undereye circles. Dab, never rub, them on the inner of the eye.

More suggestions may be useful for you.

You can get the perfect dewy non-Cake Face by spraying Evian water spray on your face after your makeup.

To create instant cheekbones, apply bronzing powder over cheeks, nose and forehead and over this by applying a cream blush on the cheeks. Dot the cream along your cheekbone and blend in well

Highlighters could minimize your worst features. For a wide-awake look, just apply highlighters above the eyes or to contour around your cheeks.

Last but not the least, I’d like to stress is the healthier your skin, the less makeup you will require. Cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate skin to get your skin in tip-top shape. You don’t need to apply much concealer and foundation.


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