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Published on August 11th, 2013 | by Tom


Is Black Tea Good For You? Benefits of Black Tea

Like all other variety of tea, black tea is also made from the Camellia sinensis plant. But black tea has been fully oxidized during the processing. Oxidation is a process to make the leaves fully exposed to moist, oxygen-rich air. Oxidation turns the green leaves to dark brownish-black color. As a result of this oxidation, black tea has more flavor and caffeine than other kinds of tea.  More than 90% of all the tea consumed in Western populations is black tea. And yes, this natural tea has many benefits to our health.

Low in sodium, fat and calories

For people who want to lose weight and control their weight, the pure and plain black tea without any addition of sweeteners is the best choice. Too much sodium and fat intake are responsible to all kinds of lethal conditions and diseases. So drinking more black tea instead of unhealthy soda or other beverages high in fat will help your body become healthier.

Black tea and sunburn

Besides aloe vera gel, black tea is a much cheaper and simpler home remedy for sunburn. Fill the pitcher with warm water and soak 3 bags of black tea, until the tea is totally dissolved and the water turn dark. Soak the clean washcloth in the warm water and apply directly on the skin. Tannin contained in black tea can soothe the skin and speed the recovery.

Pick you up

Scientific studies showed that the caffeine in contained in black tea works well to pick someone up. So many people choose black tea to fresh up and gain more energy.  Studies also showed that, besides caffeine, black tea also contains a little bit of theophylline, a stimulating substance that can speed up heart rate and improve mental alertness.

Cardiovascular Health

It has long been proved that there is a direct link between black tea consumption and lower cardiovascular problems. The abundant antioxidants found in black tea, such as flavonoids, is effective in preventing damage in bloodstream and artery walls, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. And polypehnols found in black tea can reverses dysfunction in cardiac muscle of patients with artery disease, lowering the risk of coronary heart disease. Besides, those antioxidants in black tea also play a role in preventing brain injuries, hearing loss and possibly Parkinson’s disease.

Oral Health

Research showed that antioxidants found in black tea lower the risk of oral cancer. Tea’s polyphenols and tannin can serve as antibiotics to reduce the growth of bacteria. Drinking black tea can both prevent tooth decay and bad breath.

Diabetes treatment

Recent researches showed that, polysaccharides, a type of carbohydrate that includes starch and cellulose found in tea may benefit people with diabetes by retarding the absorption of glucose.

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