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Published on May 30th, 2013 | by Tom


How To Whiten Your Nails

If you apply dark polishes often, you may find your nails become stained and look yellow. Do you have to apply dark polishes all the time to cover the blemishes? What should you do if you want white nails? Here’s how to whiten your nails.

  • Remove any old polish. Wipe all your polish including clear one with Nail Polish remover.
  • File and buff nails. Cut your nails and file them properly. Then buff the surface of nail a little bit.
  • Apply toothpaste. Put a coat of whitening toothpaste to nails and scrub your nails gently with a nail brush. One coat may be enough for some nails. Apply another coat if the nails are still yellow and keep it for 5-10minutes.
  • Wash off. Wash the tooth paste off and you will find the nails become whiter. You can repeat the toothpaste application as many times as necessary to get the color you desire.


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