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How to Wear Red Lipstick (Apply Red Lipstick)

I think most women like red. Red is a color full of passion, confidence and sexy. Many women want to apply Red Lipstick which is, I think, a never faded universal classic. Are you the person who wants to keep up to date and to show your confidence, while is annoyed with a “fact “ that most of your friends even yourself assume you can’t wear red lipsticks? Here we’ll show you some rules and tricks on wear red lipstick. Red lips full of quintessential sexy is waiting for you…

Choose the right red. If you don’t know which red is most suitable for you, try yourself different shades and have the best choice. Usually, plum shades look better for pink complexion, while warmer reds with a brown base can flatter the girls with yellow tones. Good lighting is needed for you to distinguish these different colors.

Prepare your lips by adding a little lip balm to make your lips slightly moist. After it absorbed, you can proceed.

Line your lips first. Choose a liner with a similar red shade of your lipstick. Draw the line inside of lips carefully. Use makeup remover on a Q-tip sweep if you made a mistake.

Fill in the lines with your lipstick slightly. Remember to cover the very inside. Otherwise, the real color of your lips may be a big contrast to the redness when you smile. You can use a lip brush to apply your foundation around your lips to make you lips looks redder and fuller. Remove the excess lipsticks with a tissue or your index finger. Don’t forget to apply a clear or a red lip gloss. The edges should be avoided. It might dribble over if you overused.

The remaining makeup of you face is very important if you choose to wear red lipsticks. Heavy Eye Makeup and blush would make you looks like a clown. So, to make your lips pop and be your best facial feature, try to do your remaining makeup consistently. Besides eye and face, you should also pay attention to your nails. Non-red Nail Polish is preferable for red lips. Don’t let you’re the color of nails and your lips clash.

Blending is also practicable for different kinds of red lipsticks. You can have experiment with your all lipstick to mix a wonderful shade of red for yourself.

If you are older, lighter shades may the best choice. Dark lips can accentuate our thin lips as we age. To keep your lips from too severe, a rosy red or some neutral shades are proper. Instead of lips, you can play up your eyes.



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