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How To Use Blackhead Removal Tool

You make your mind to remove the blackheads at home and prepare the tool for ready, then, you may be a little nervous to begin because you don’t seem to know exactly how to use the blackhead removal tool. Here, we introduce some common blackhead removal tools and their application methods.

You should soften your skin first to make the blackheads easier for removal before you use any blackhead removal tools. Steam your face over the hot water for about 10 minutes or place a warm damp towel over your face until it cools (you can repeat this for several times). Then, pick the removal tool…

If you choose a blackhead extractor

  1. Clean the blackhead extractor with soap and water and sterilize it with isopropyl alcohol for several minutes. Dry it before use.
  2. Look at the end of the extractor and you can find a small hole. Place the hole over the annoying blackhead; make sure the blackhead is entirely in the small hole.
  3. Press down steadily and gently, and the follicle would release the blackhead and oil. If not, never continue applying pressure. Just stop and repeat the stem to make the follicle loosen up and then allow the blackhead to release. It will cause irritation, scarring and even infection if you press extremely to force the blackhead out.
  4. Remove the debris at nostrils with the side of the scoop.
  5. Don’t forget to disinfect the areas where you have released blackheads. Apply a soothing antiseptic cream or dap a bit of alcohol with a cotton ball and apply it to the area to kill the bacteria.

If you choose a blackhead removal strips

  1. Strips are the most readily available removal tool and they can easily be used at home.
  2. Wet the area to be treated ( with) and open the package of the strip.
  3. Paste the removal strip over the blackhead. Make sure it fits your nose well.
  4. Peel the strip off after 5-10 minutes.

If you choose scrubs as blackhead removal tool

  • Just scrub gently to keep your pores unclogged. It can be use every day if the scrubs are mild and nourishing.

No matter which one you choose, after using the tool, remember to close pores with cold water or rose water or toner.


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