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Published on January 14th, 2018 | by Tom


How To Unclog a Clogged Ear (Ear Wax Removal)

If you have ever had clogged ears (Ear Wax ), you might be aware how painful it can be. Not only does blocked ears make it difficult it hear things but also it causes tremendous discomfort and irritation. Anyone who has blocked ears would want to remove it quickly.

Ear blockages can be caused by several factors including Sinus Infection, cold, allergies, changes in air pressure (for instance while travelling in a plane or hiking up a mountain), diving in the pool, water getting in the ear while bathing and due to accumulation of ear wax. The blockage usually disappears automatically over a period, however it can linger for a few days and it can be sometimes extremely irritating.  No matter, what is the cause of your blocked ears there are various easy to do and easy to use home remedies that you can use to clear blocked or clogged ears. Some of the best tips to remove the wax accumulation and clear the ears are discussed below:

  • One of the easiest and quickest ways to clear your blocked ears is to swallow repeatedly. This action greatly helps in clearing the sinus blockage and also eases the pressure in the ears. This method is especially effective if the ear blockage is caused by allergies or cold. It provides quick relief.
  • Another simply yet effective method to unclog the clogged ear is to chew a gum. While you chew the gum, the continuous movement of the jaw affects the wax and it helps to dislodge the foreign substances stuck in the ear and thus makes was removal much easier.
  • Yawning is also an excellent remedy to clear the blocked ear. This technique is easy to implement and it provides quick results. If you have blocked ears due to changes in air pressure, try to yawn as big as you can. Open up your mouth as wide as you can stretch. This technique works similar to swallowing; this action helps in clearing the sinus blockage and relieves the pressure in the ears. Though it is a bit different from the first method, this technique would surely work when swallowing doesn’t provide you relief.
  • Another simple home remedy to get rid of the clogged ear problems is to use a hot pad over the blocked ear. The warmth of the hot pad will not only make your feel better but also it would help you get rid of the water that might be stuck inside the ears that cause the blockage. You can also consider using a hand blower, but it would not have the same kind of feel good effect as hot pad.
  • If you have excessive wax blockage in your ear, the best thing you can do to clear the blockage is to use a bulb aspirator or a medium sized syringe to squirt water inside the ear. However, make sure that use take certain precaution, you must not stick the syringe tip inside the ear canal. Place the tip at the opening of the ear and squirt some water inside make sure you leave plenty of room for the water to come out again.
  • Taking steam is another effective home remedy to clear clogged ears. You can take a very hot shower. The steam from the hot water would help in easing the pressure and clear the ear blockage. Another easy alternative to taking hot shower is to boil water in a big bowl and inhale the steam coming from the bowl by leaning over the bowl. Make sure that you keep your head covered with a towel so that you can take in as much steam as you can. If other home remedies fail to provide you relief, this technique would surely provide you instant relief.

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