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Published on July 30th, 2013 | by Tom


How to Treat Road Rash on Leg or Face

Road rash is a common sports injury when you fall on a hard surface from a speeding bike. Here is how to treat road rash.

Road Rash Treatment:

Evaluate the severity. Usually, road rash can be divided into three different degrees:

  • Mild: the skin is not broken and not bleeding. The surface of the skin is red just looks like bad sunburn. If the road rash is so mild, actually no treatment is needed. Just clean it for the sake of safe.
  • Mild- severe: skin is broken and bleeding but the deep layer of the skin is not damaged. Generally speaking, the following are mainly the guidance for this treatment of this degree.
  • Severe: you can see underlying structure through the abraded skin and have skin hanging from the wound or have cuts that need stitching. If the situation is so serious, get the emergency help as soon as possible.

Check all your body to find whether there are other injuries that have not been noticed. If you feel limited range of motion in any joints or feel confused, you may have to head to the hospital for professional medical assistance.

Let it bleed if the bleeding is minor and self-limiting as this can help clean out embedded dirt from the deeper portions of the wound. But control the bleeding by applying direct pressure if the bleeding is not limited.

Clean the wound thoroughly and gently. To remove all the dirt and debris out of the wound is very important. Wash the wound with saline or mild soap with water. If there remains some debris, use tweezers to remove. Remember to sterilize tweezers with alcohol before using.

Apply ointment to keep the wounds moist. Don’t let the wound dry out which will extend healing time and have a high risk of getting infection.

Keep the wound covered to keep other matters from entering. Loose non-stick dressing or specific wound dressings such as Opsite or Duoderm are suitable choices. You can change the gauze dressing to a moisture barrier covering such as a Tegaderm dressing several days after the injury. The dressing should be removed if wound stop oozing, usually 7-14 days after you get the road rash.

Apply cold pad to relieve the pain. Place it on the top of the dressing rather than directly to the wound. It works great when being applied in the first or two days after the injury.

Road Rash Prevention:

To prevent it happen may be the best treatment for road rash.

Wearing protective pads

Don’t leave skin directly exposed out; a decent layer of clothing can make difference

Wear gloves to protect your hands.

Make sure you have a professional stock of the basic kit.

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