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How to Treat Ringworm

Ringworm is a skin condition that results from a fungus which is extremely contagious. So, ringworm is awfully problematic not only for the itchy, patchy, scaly and ugly inflamed appearance but also for its contagious. So, once you get ringworm, try to treat it immediately to prevent its spread to all along the body and get a relief of itching. Before you head to the hospital, you can give these home remedies for ringworm here a try, and you may get unexpected results.

1. Garlic and apple cider vinegar

Take a warm shower and clean the area gently, then dry it without rubbing with a towel

Put minced garlic on bandage

Cover the infected area with the bandage

It may be burning, so try to avoid using it on face, neck and sensitive area

Repeat garlic bandage for 3 days and then apply apple cider vinegar

You can also skip the garlic and apply the apple cider vinegar directly to the affected area for 3-5 times daily.

2. Toothpaste

How to Treat Ringworm

Either Colgate or Crest is proper, but try to use the white toothpaste

Apply directly to the affected area and Cover with liquid bandage

Dry it with blow dryer and leave it alone

Remove it until the next application in the next day

You can also combine the toothpaste with baking soda and peroxide

3. Papaya

Peel and slice a fresh papaya

Rub one or two slices over the ringworm

Wrap with a piece of clean gauze for 1-2 hours

Remove the gauze and rinse the area with plain soap and water

You can also make a paste by grinding the seed of papaya 

4. Herbal tea

Chamomile Tea, either drink daily or apply it directly to the ringworm with cotton ball

Ginger tea, drink it three times a day and you can apply a ginger compress by soaking a cloth in the tea and place the cloth over the affected area for 5 minutes each time, 3 times a day

Lemongrass tea, as you drink the tea, place the used tea bags over the ringworm

Licorice tea, directly apply it with a cotton ball to the ringworm

5. Oils

Tea tree oil, containing antifungal properties and the regular application can help eliminating the ringworm infection.

Clove oil works as the same as tea tree oil

Lavender oil can also treat ringworm by stopping the growth of fungi

Castor oil is another treatment that needs to be applied no less than 4-6 times daily to make it work.

Neem oil is good for ringworm treatment too.

6. Creams

OTC antifungal lotion or cream, such as, clotrimazole and terbinafine

Strong antifungal creams or lotions that was available for prescription

Apply the cream following the directions on the package or the advice of doctor

Calendula cream diluted in warm water can be used as an aid for fungal infections like ringworm

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