Pancreatic Cancer

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How to Treat Pancreatic Cancer

Treatment to Pancreatic cancer depends on how its type and stage. There is no sole mode of treatment to treat this disease and one must note well that this cancer can be cured when it is discovered early on.

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Surgery is one of the most common treatments that you can do to have the possibility of curing pancreatic cancer. If it has not metastasized then it can be surgically removed. But if the disease has spread, then it might be impossible to remove all the cancer cells. The doctor can perform any of the three surgical procedures: the whipple, distal pancreatectomy and the total pancreatectomy. Palliative surgery is another option only if the cancer in the organ cannot be eradicated.

Then of course there is chemotherapy which uses chemicals to interfere with the process of the cells dividing. It damages the proteins or the DNA so that the cancer cells will all lead to suicide. The medicine will travel throughout your whole body and hence this kind of treatment is done in particular cycles so that the body can have enough time to heal too. The most common side effects of this process include Hair Loss, fatigue, vomiting and even nausea. Others go for combination therapies like various types of chemotherapy.

How to Treat Pancreatic Cancer

The chemotherapy drug used commonly to treating pancreatic cancer is Gemcitabine. It is normally administered through IV on a weekly schedule. Another is the 5-fluoroucil. There are some cases when the patients are still getting treatment even after the chemotherapy session has ended so as to target any cancer cells that may have been missed.

As of today, there are newer drugs that are being studied and hopefully be developed to kills specific types of cancer cells.


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