Shin Splints

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How To Treat and Prevent Shin Splints

It is easy for athletes to have shin splints when they overexert themselves in sports especially in running. The pain will last to a few days or for months depending to the severity of the injury. Although annoying, most of the injuries are minor and can be treated by following guidelines as follow.

Treatments for shin splints

1. Rest. Get a rest immediately after the injury. And cut off any kinds of intensive activities while you are still in pain. Guarantee enough time for your swollen muscles to recover. Try cross-train with less intensive exercise like swimming if you insist to.

2. Ice your shins. Usually inflamed muscles are the leading cause of Shin splints, ice the infected area 4-6 times per day for near 15 minutes can ease the inflammation. Remember to wrap the ice with a cloth or a bag to avoid the direct contacts with the ice.

3. Take medicine. Medicine containing aspirin or ibuprofen is useful to reduce inflammation and ease the pain. Do not take too much of them but the recommended dose, otherwise it will make matters worse.

4. Stretches. Do a stair stretch. Stand on a step or a stair to hang your toes over the edge. Move your toes downward and Point your toes downward, then stretch them upward. Rest a while after repeating 20 times.

5. Walk on heels. Walk on heels will help you strengthen the shin muscles. Your muscles will heal on time if you practice this exercises for a several times every day.

6. Reach the doctors if there is no sign of recovery.

How To Treat and Prevent Shin Splints

Preventive  for shin splints

1. Warm up before exercising. Warm up before you start sports that require intensive footwork such as running, playing football or basketball. You can do some stretches or do a light jogging.

2. Choose proper shoes. Choosing a pair of shoe that is suitable for your size and makes you feel comfortable will significantly lower the risk of injury. What’s more, remember to change your shoes after 3-6 months.

3. Use orthotics. You may use orthotics or arch supports to If you’re easy to get shin splints. These special shoe inserts will prevent overstrain of your legs by changing the way you strike the ground.

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