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How To Treat a Yeast Infection, Symptoms & Treatments

Most women are suffering from the burning, itching feeling caused by a Yeast Infection. A yeast infection develops with the overgrowth of yeast cells in the vagina. Though the symptoms can be annoying or even unbearable, most of them are not vital. You might try some home remedies to treat before you heading to the hospital.

Symptoms of yeast infection

Before finding treatments, try to identify your condition by viewing the symptoms of a yeast infection as follow. Burning and itching feelings in and around the vagina are the most common signs of getting a yeast infection. Other symptoms include:

  • Pain or burning during urination or sex
  • Thick, white discharge in the vagina
  • A rash around the vagina

How To Treat a Yeast Infection, Symptoms & Treatments

Home remedies for yeast infection

1. Clean up your diet.  Foods like dairy, sugar and white flour that include yeast breads and anything that contains vinegar can all trigger symptoms of a yeast infection. So control the intake of those foods and develop a yeast-free diet. And quit wine and beer since alcohols may easily be fermented.

2. Garlic. Garlic, a natural antifungal food is very useful in combating the overgrowth of yeast cells. Chop it into little squares and sprinkle them on your salads. Or eat garlic plain if you can handle it. You can also cut it in half and put it in the vagina while you are sleeping.

3. Plain yogurt. Live cultures in plain yogurt are conducive to maintain the level of yeast in the vagina. You can eat it or apply a spoon or two on the infected area.

4. Unsweetened cranberry juice. Cranberries are very helpful in treating and preventing yeast infections as well as urinary tract infections.  But remember to buy 100% cranberry juice, otherwise the extra sugar will definitely make your condition worse.

5. Practice good hygiene. Things you can do on daily basis can also help you prevent the infection. Wear cotton underwear and change it regularly; stay away from tight jeans and change your pads frequently during your period.

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