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How to Treat a Pinched Nerve in Neck & Back

A pinched nerve is often caused by too much pressure imposed on a nerve from the tissues, muscles, bones or tendons. A pinched nerve can result in pain, numbness, swelling and inflammation which will prevent you from normal daily activities. A short-term pinched nerve will not cause severe damage, since the pain will disappear once the pressure is relived. But if you are suffering from a long-term pressure, it may cause you chronic pain and permanent injury. Luckily, here in this article, good ideas are proposed for you to reduce your pain at home.

Home remedies for a pinched nerve

  1. Have a rest. This is a common way to relieve the pain immediately. It is very easy to get a pinched nerve by overworking and doing repetitive movements.  So have a good rest to relax your muscles. Take a few days off if necessary.
  2. Combine ice and heat compress. Apply an ice compress for 15 minutes and then place a hot water bag or a heat pad on your painful area. This will help to speed the recovery by encouraging blood circulation.
  3. Use a brace. Use a brace fitted to your position of pinched nerve. This method not only helps to relieve the pressure but also speed the recovery by reducing the movement of the pinched nerve.
  4. Have a massage. Having a massage can help your body relax throughout and thus the pressure placed on your nerve will be relieved as well. But avoid intense massage with heavy pressure, which will worsen your condition. Remember to drink plenty of water to facilitate the releasing of toxins from your body.
  5. Take medication. Anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen are effective in reducing the swelling and pain. Other medications prescribed for pinched nerves treatment are also good options

How to Treat a Pinched Nerve in Neck & Back

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Treatment for a chronic pinched nerve

  1. Go swimming or go for a walk. Performing low-impact activities will actually promote the blood circulation which is conducive to the recovery.
  2. Keep good posture of seating. This is helpful in reducing tension on your pinched nerve.\
  3. Eat food rich in calcium, such as milk, yogurt and cheese. Some of the pinched nerves are caused by deficiency of calcium in your body.
  4. Eat food rich in potassium such as bananas, nuts, and avocados if your pinched nerve is caused by the deficiency of potassium.
  5. Try physical therapy. Physical therapist can give you professional guidance in strengthening your muscle around the nerve.
  6. Have a surgery. For severe pinched nerves, a surgery may be the best choice to fix it.

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