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How to Treat a Concussion, Symptoms & Treatment

Concussion is the most common type of traumatic brain injury. We are in high potential of getting a concussion or see a victim of concussion because it can be caused by various reasons such as a hard tackle in football. The main cause is a blow to the head, face or neck. No matter what the causes are, we should have some basic knowledge about how to treat a concussion.

Evaluate the symptoms. If the person suffering from the symptoms as following, seek for the nearest accident and emergency department as soon as possible or call 911 immediately.

  • Be unconscious or unable to keep the eyes open
  • Have mental confusion
  • Feel weak on one side of the body
  • Be vomiting repeatedly
  • Have a very painful headache
  • Have fits or seizures
  • Bleed from one ear or both ears
  • Have Long drowsiness or lost conscious for more than 1 minute

Before the professional help arrive, what you can do:

  • Keep the victim as still as possible in that place and avoid moving which may cause further injury.
  • Stay with the victim and keep asking questions continually if the victim is still conscious
  • Cool the victim’s head with ice pace or damp towel.

If the symptoms are mild, try to use the self-care techniques:

  • Stop the activity immediately if your concussion is caused during some sports.
  • Have a good rest. Rest is the best way to recover form a concussion. Get enough sleep at night.
  • Apply ice pack for 10-20 minutes to reduce swelling. Remember to wrap the ice with a towel first, as the direct touch of ice may cause damage to the skin.
  • Stay away with alcohol and smoking
  • Take over-the-counter medicines like acetaminophen to relieve the pain. Avoid choosing aspirin or ibuprofen which may worsen bruising.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise until you’re completely recovered.
  • Avoid activities that may cause physical or mental damage, for instance schoolwork, playing computer, video games.
  • Keep somebody along you in the first 48 hours after the injury.
  • If the symptoms worsen, seek professional help immediately

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