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Published on June 1st, 2013 | by Tom


How to Sleep Comfortably on a Hot Night

Hot weather may be a torture to you if you have no air-conditioning in your room. You can barely fall into sleep; you sweat a lot, feel thirsty and annoyed. Don’t worry. This article will tell you how to remove the heat, keep your room cool and let you sleep comfortably on a hot night.

First, cool your body.

  1. What to wear. Some people suggest sleeping nude so as to reduce the heat caused by extra clothing; however, some people think that it may make you feel more uncomfortable because the sweat may stay on you. If you prefer to wear clothes for sleep, then a damp T-shirt and a pair of damp socks are very helpful for lowering your temperature because water molecule sublimating into the air may take some heat away. Besides, you can also cover your belly with a thin blanket or wrap up your wrist with a small cold towel.
  2. Where to sleep. We know that hot air rises and stays in the upper layer of the air. So choose a lower place to sleep.
  3. Wash your body. Take a bath with a refreshing gel, and do not wipe your body dry. Make your face wet too, then go to bed and let the air dry you slowly. Or you even can put a basin of water besides your bed and constantly wet your body and face.

Second, cool your bed.

  1. Sheet. Bamboo or straw mat is widely used for cooling in the Eastern areas, such as China and India. Such products are also cheap. You can put a wet bath towel (not dripping, otherwise it will wet your mattress) underneath your body, it will keep your cool for a long time.
  2. Pillow. Buckwheat pillows or futons are recommended. You can also put your pillow (or other stuff you need) into a waterproofing bag and freeze it for a several hours. This will make your pillow chill.
  3. Bed. Sleep in a suspended bed if you have one. It will let the air free flow the whole bed and makes you feel more comfortable.

Third, cool the room.

  1. Air circulation. The flow of air will carry some heat away from you. The wind in the night makes you feel comfortable. So leave your windows and doors open if it’s safe.
  2. Use ice. Ice is the best thing for cooling the temperature. You can put a lot of ice in your room; it will definitely lower the temperature. However, if you think it is of too much waste, you can put the ice in front of a fan. Let the fan blow the wind through the ice. This is very effective too.

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