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Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Tom


How To Shape Your Nails

Want to give your nails a new cast? Being puzzled about how to shape them? Here are some knowledge will help you. You may know how to shape your nails after reading.

Know the nails shapes. There are mainly five types of nails shapes including square, oval, squoval, round and pointed. Different people have different preferences. Which one  do you like most and which one suits your nails most? Check your nails carefully and decide what you want. Of course, you can have different tries if you like.

Shape according to your lunula. Lunula is the half-moon shape that you can see on your nails. You can push down at the tip of nail to make it visible if you’re hard to see it. Then, shape according to your lunula. It’s a beauty trick to get a natural looking shape.

Follow the curve. If you don’t want to shape your nails according to your lunula and think it will make the nails break easier, you can try shape them follow the curve of your nails. It also can help you get naturally pretty looking nails.

Have a try. Soften your nails first by soaking it in the warm water. Pick a proper clipper and cut your nails to the length you want. Wait the nails dry and then file them in one direction towards the center of nail. The groove on the side can be used as a guide. Keep doing this until you get the shape you want.


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