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Published on May 29th, 2013 | by Tom


How To Remove Stuck Ring From Swollen Finger

Many people have the experience of getting a stuck ring. You may just play it for fun to put the ring of your friends or your mum’s on your finger, then, gosh, you find it’s not big enough to take off now. No matter why and how you get the ring stuck on finger, you don’t need to be panic. Here are some suggestions ready for you to help removing the stuck ring.

–check over your finger and see whether it’s swelling seriously. If it’s not, you can try the general method first by thumbing under the stuck ring with your finger back and forth. Remember to be gentle; otherwise you’ll cause additional swelling. If the situation is serious, the first thing you have to do is bringing the swelling down. Here are some methods:

  1. Drink a lot of water and decrease salt intake.
  2. Keep elevating your affected hand above your heart as much as possible until the ring is taken off.
  3. Soak the affected hand in an ice bath of cold water for 10-20minutes.
  4. Swelling are often more serious in the morning, so do the removal in the afternoon or evening.

–after you bringing the swelling down, smooth the affected area. Apply some lubricant underneath and then twist (not tug) the ring from side to side. There are many things can use as lubricant:

  1. Petroleum jelly and Vaseline
  2. Cooking oils, soft butter
  3. Moisturizing cream or hand cream
  4. Soap, shampoo and baby oil.

–the glass cleaner and dental floss can also be used to remove a stuck ring.

  1. Glass cleaner: spraying the affected area with a commercial glass cleaner like Windex®. It can help reduce the swelling and lubricate the ring.
  2. Dental gloss: put one end of the floss under the ring and wrap around the finger up to knuckle, then unwind from the bottom

Tips & Warnings 

  • Clean the affected area after you taking the ring off.
  • If all these don’t work and the finger becomes swollen still, ask for medical help.
  • Keep patient all the time. There are no sure-fire ways
  • Ask the local jewelry store for help.


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