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How to Remove Skin Tags

Skin Tags can be extremely bothersome on your skin. Although they are not too harmful in nature, a lot of try different ways to get rid of skin tags. While there are various medical treatments and over the counter products available, the best way to remove it safely is to use home remedies. Some of the effective remedies to remove skin tags are:

1. Duct Tape

Every person knows what a duct tape is. It can be used as an effective tool to remove things like tags and warts from your skin. The practice of using duct tape to remove skin tags has been prevalent since a long time. Believe it or not, it is one of the most popular techniques to remove skin tags and warts. The best way to use the duct tape for removing skin tags is to cut a small piece of the tape and place it over the area where you have tag. Make sure that you cut an adequate size of the tape since you would need to leave the tape on over your affected skin area for a few days. Make sure that you do not constantly touch the tape or try to remove it until the tape begins to loosen itself. Usually, this may take about 5-8 days. When the tape becomes lose, it is ready to be removed. Slowly peel off the tape with your hand and you would notice that the skin tag also comes off with the tape.

2. Nail Clippers

It is a general notion that skin tags are a serious skin problem and the only way to remove it is to undergo medical treatment. However, this is far from truth, you can easily remove the tags by yourself using simple home tools like nail clippers. Some people tend to feel afraid about using nail clipper; although it may sound to be a painful process, the pain is only a mild pain and you would suffer the pain only a couple of days after you have removed the tags. While you cut the tags off using the nail clippers you may feel in a feeling of pinching but there is nothing to worry about, it would only be a manageable pain. If you are using nail clippers to remove your skin tags, make sure that you first sterilize the clipper before using it on your skin. This would greatly help in preventing infections.

3. Castor Oil

This is another effective home remedy to remove skin tag. Castor oil is known to be an effective ingredient that works well for various skin related issues including skin infections, rashes, warts and tags. How to use castor oil for removing tags.

Mix some castor oil with baking soda in a bowl to form a paste. Since castor oil has a very peculiar smell and if you don’t like that smell you can add a few drops of lemon oil or peppermint to the mixture to negate the smell. Apply a dollop of the paste over the affected area of the skin after thoroughly washing the area where you have tags with warm water. Leave the paste to dry and repeat the same process for about 3 to 4 times in a day until the tag is gone completely. Ideally, the process takes about 2-4 weeks. This is one of the most effective and pain free ways to get rid of skin tags.

4. Vitamin E

There are several special Vitamin E lotions available in the market, applying this lotion over the skin tag can help you get rid of the tags. If you use the Vitamin E lotion, make sure that you cover the lotion with a bandaid and ensure that the lotion is sealed completely.


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