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How to Remove Makeup Properly

Makeup makes you beautiful,  But if you don’t want your skin grows worse, you should remove your makeup as soon as you finish with it. Thus, you can keep your skin gorgeous. Leave it longer can clog pores. Then, how to remove your makeup quickly and properly? Here are steps and problems you need to notice.


  1. Remove your Eye Makeup with a gentle makeup remover, because the general one is too irritated to the eye.
  2. Steam your pores for easy cleaning by holding your head over a steaming, hot water. Cover your hair by a towel or something else.
  3. Remove the lip color with petrolatum jelly. Dap a bit of jelly to you lips and then rub it with a tissue gently. Then fold the tissue and blot your lips.
  4. Remove most of your makeup by a gentle face wash. Don’t scrub your face harshly, just wash it gently. And then remove the left mascara or eyeliner with a dampened cotton swab.
  5. Close your pore by splashing cool water and then pat your face dry with a towel. Soothe your skin by rubbing in some moisturizer.


  • You must wash your face before you go to bed especially when you have makeup and sunscreen if you want a glowing, dewy skin the next day. While, it is no need to wash your face again in the morning. Too much cleansing will dry out your skin. You can press a warm washcloth to or splash a bit of warm water on your face if you feel oily.
  • Toner is not necessary for you to remove your makeup. It can remove natural oils then result in a very dry face of you. You can skip the toner, unless your skin is extremely oily or you really love that product.
  • Baby wipes don’t get the job done because it doesn’t include the special ingredients for makeup removal though it’s really gentle. While baby oil on the cotton ball can work well, but you should remember to rinse the oil off.
  • If you suffer acne, you can wash your face with a Salicylic Cleanser. It works well.
  • Use eye makeup remover to remove waterproof mascara. Apply it to a cotton pad, press down on your eyelids and lashes and then wipe the pad across eyes gently to pick up the mascara. Use a clean pad to go over your eye area to make sure it’s makeup free. Vaseline is a good choice for you if you lack eye remover. This trick works great for long-lasting lip color removal.
  • Choose a cleansing oil if you’re super dry skin. Apply oil on cotton pad and massage the oil across your face, lips, lids and brows. Then, wash your face with a foaming or gel cleanser. Use a warm washcloth when you wash off the cleanser. It can help you exfoliate the skin. Apply a moisturizer when your skin is still damp.


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