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How To Remove Eyeliner

We Apply Eyeliner as long as we Apply Makeup. It’s a must beauty routine. Just like applying eyeliner, some basic know-how is worth of your attention. If the eyeliner is not removed properly, you may result in black eyes or end up with blood shot. Here are instructions to help you remove eyeliner correctly.

  1. Prepare all the things you need in front of the mirror. You should do your eyeliner remover first because it may run down onto your face.
  2. Pick up a cotton swab and dab one end of it into the remover. Rub the wet cotton swab over the eyeliner gently and repeat this action. You can also use petroleum jelly to remove the eyeliner. Damp one end of a swab and dap a water drop size with the wet end. Run the wet swab over the eyeliner and repeat  it.
  3. Clean up the smears by dabbing a tissue under the eye.
  4. After getting the eyeliner off, wash face with a gentle cleanser.
  5. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin, especially when you feel eyes are dry.

Tips & Warnings 

  • Wash your eye immediately if the eye remover or petrolatum jelly runs into your eyes.
  • You can use a dry cotton swab with lotion instead.
  • Select a hypo allergenic Eye Makeup remover to keep an allergic reaction from happening.


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