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How To Reduce Pimple Redness And Size

Imagine you wake up with a huge zit on your face; how disastrous that is. In such times, aspirin comes as a rescue, not to soothe you worries, but to reduce the redness and size of your pimples. See how it is applied.

  1. Mix as many aspirins as you need in water in the proportion of 1:2 or 3. It is of no necessary to pre-crush the pills because they will dissolve by themselves. Then you will get a thick mixture.
  2. Apply the mixture on your pimples. Q-tip is the best choice. However, if you prefer using hand, make sure they are thoroughly washed and have no bacteria on them. Or you also can dip your hand into alcohol for eliminating bacteria.
  3. Let the aspirin stay on your pimples. The mixture usually dries within half an hour. So use a clean, wet tissue to wipe out the mixture. Remember to be gentle.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure you are not allergic to aspirin. If you do, please don’t try this. And use aspirin only. Don’t mix aspirin with other pills.
  • Do cleansing, both your face and hands before you applying the mixture. Bacteria on face and hands will make the zit even bigger and redder. It also may cause other zits emerging on your face.
  • Do not give up at one time. Usually the problem won’t be solved in just one night. So insist on taking care of your skin. When a zit comes out, it is a signal that you need to put more attention on your skin care or life habits.



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