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How to Quit Smoking and Caffeine

Quitting smoking can never be an easy thing for smokers. Once you make your decision, try every means you can and choose the most effective one which suits your habit and personality best. Since there are many quitting methods that work for different kinds of people, you may need to choose the right one with consideration and efforts.

Of course, each method requires your willpower, strong determination and perseverance. They allow you to give cigarettes up in a few months. Talk to your doctor first before you take any action. You can follow the steps below.


  1. Make your decision first and remember that the goal should not be too hard for you. Push yourself too hard can only result in failure. Remember that if you really cannot stand the feeling and light one up, it is not a big deal. Try again and never let yourself under great pressure.
  2. Fully recognize the behavior. Basically, your addition can be divided into three aspects which are chemical, psychological and habitual. And then you need to find suitable remedy for each case. Firstly, chemical addition which created by our body is the most difficult one to overcome. The cravings and joyful feelings are mainly caused by that. Secondly, the psychological facet is about your mental state. If you feel sad or stressed, it means they are affecting you now. The last one is a routine that you accustomed to.
  3. Focus on caffeine. Now distract your attention from cigarette and develop an addition to caffeine. Try to take 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day. However, you should not drink too much. For average people, 400mg caffeine per day is the maximum amount. Always remember that coffee is also not healthy and you should eat something when drinking some coffee.
  4. Quit smoking and also drinking caffeine now. You cannot touch those things in three days. It can be hard. Some tips may help you here. Use cigarette-sized carrot sticks or celery sticks to replace cigarettes. Each time you want to smoke, please hold the carrot stick in your mouth. Some healthy snack foods can also do you a favor.
  5. Tell your friends and family about your decision. They will give you great support and be proud of you.
  6. Three days later, begin to drink some caffeine again. It can be called a buffer. It satisfies your needs of nicotine and sooner or later, the chemical addiction will almost stop. Eat healthy and keep taking coffee in about two weeks.
  7. Slowly decrease the intake of caffeine and snack. Now you need to reduce the amount until you can get rid of them. About one week later, you desire will disappear. Keep your healthy lifestyle. One day, you will forget the harmful cigarette totally and develop some good habits.


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