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How To Protect Yourself From The Harm Of Cell phone Radiation

The wide use of cell phone exposes us into “electronic fog”, and that makes us nowhere to escape. Lots of people have such feeling that after receiving the Mobile phone call for several minutes, their ear and face are heated by the phone. Long-time use of cellphone may affect functions of our brain, to cause deterioration of the memory, insomnia, even the fluctuation of emotions. Some individuals may even got malignant brain tumors because of aberration of nerve cell or gliacyte.

However, the following methods could help us to reduce such radiation harms.

Get your head away when the phone is just connected. Radiation is at the highest level at the time when two cell phones’ signals just get connected, that mainly because of their unsteady signal transmission puts the phone under maximum working ratio. So you’d better answer your phone after it rings for one or two seconds, or pick it up during ringing intervals after it rings for at least two times .

Use dedicated headset. An Australian research shows that hands-free headset could help phone users get away 90% electromagnetic harm of their phones. So the best solution is get yourself a dedicated headset with shielded line in it.

Reduce using times. Try to use fixed-line telephone if you have one, and cut your call short when you have to use the cellphone. Do not put your cellphone in lapel pockets or hang it on your waist.

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