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Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Tom


How To Prevent Your Kids From Smoking

Nowadays, many teenagers start to smoke when they are not aware of the devastating effects on health. If your kids have or tend to face this problem, you can try following tips to prevent them from smoking.

Tell your kids the harmful effects of smoking

  • Since they are not old enough to experience or see various bad effects of smoking, they may easily pick up a cigarette to have a try. In this case, you can take opportunities to tell your child how smoking damage his or she body step by step. By this way you can completely eradicate their bad thoughts from headstream. You should try every effort to let the idea be firmly embedded inside their mind.

Stop smoking if you are a smoker

  • Parents are always regarded as models in kids’ eyes. If you don’t smoke before, keep the good habit. If you do, give up smoking for good. The sooner, the better. You should set a good example for your kids. At the same time, you should remove all smoking-related stuffs and explain to your kids how uncomfortable you are since you begin to smoke. It will keep your kids from smoking.

Take activities with your kids

  • Try to maintain a good relationship with your kids. Studies show that lonely kids are more likely to pick up some bad habits like smoking and drinking. You should keep an eye on them. You can do some reading, watch TV and go to the movies with your kids. If you see someone smoking on TV or in a movie, you should start a conversation about how harmful it is. Get them out of the illusory world and face the reality.

Create a smoke-free world for your kids

  • Firstly, you should make a rule that smoking is not allowable in your house no matter who it is. Ask your visitors to stop smoking around your kids. Secondly, you can encourage your kids to take part in some activities with a theme of smoking prohibition. It is a great way to make some friends that share the same belief. And also you need to ask your kids not to spend much time with the smoke friends.

Teach your kids how to solve peer pressure

  • As we all know, teenagers are curious about everything. They are restless and uneasy. They want to try every attractive thing. In this case, you need to teach them how to solve the peer pressure which is peculiar to teenagers. They do not know how to say no to his friend’s requests. As a result, they may do something that they actually do not want to. Talk to them a lot and help prepare them to deal with it.

Do some math

  • Cigarettes are expensive. It will cost you a large sum of money even you are a light smoker. You can compare its cost with that of books, electronic devices and other things they want. They will give up the idea if they cannot afford them. Ask them to think about practical matters since they are not live in a heaven. Finally, they will sort it out by themselves.

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