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Published on May 26th, 2013 | by Tom


How To Prevent Sunburn

In summer, people are prone to get sunburned out of strong sunlight. If you don’t want the sun ruin your good mood, you definitely need to know how to stay safe in the sun. This article introduces steps for you to avoid sun burning.

  • Wear sunscreen. To wear sunscreen, first you need to know about sunscreen.
    1. Know its additives. People feel more and more concerned about the additives in sunscreen for the effectiveness or their health. So search the internet and figure out the additives and their functions before you buy the sunscreen. Some people may be allergic to some chemicals. Remember to avoid sunscreens containing vitamin A, insect repellent or PABA which can stain your clothes.
    2. Check the SPF level. SPF level only tells us the time it gets us protected. For example, SPF 30 theoretically, will protect us for 300 minutes if we get burned in 10 minutes without any protection. If you get burned easily, you should reapply it more often. However, wearing sunscreen doesn’t mean that you need not do any other things to protect yourself in the outdoor.
    3. Apply waterproof sunscreen in case you want swimming or just have too much sweat. Remember to reapply according to the instructions.
    4. Pay special attention to sunscreens used for children or people have sensitive skin type. Their skins usually are tender and thinner than other people. You’d better make a spot test before wide use on your children. Baby under 6 months should not be applied with sunscreen. Sunscreen with zinc and titanium is viewed safest. But remember to do the test just in case.

After choosing sunscreen, Applying sunscreen

    1. Apply thoroughly. Let the sunscreen cover your body, especially the vulnerable areas, like face, neck and ears. Don’t forget your feet. All in all, cover every inch of places that will be exposed under the sun.
    2. Apply before you go outside. 20 or 30 minutes ahead of the time going out is suggested by experts. It will make the sunscreen work more effectively.
    3. Try to use fresh sunscreen. It will work more effectively.
  • Wear clothes, hat and glasses. These will as barriers for the sunlight to penetrate into our skin. Choose light color and loose clothes so you can breathe easily and less likely get hot. And wear a wide brim hat whose shades could cover your face. Wear glasses to protect the vulnerable skins around your eyes and prevent your eyes getting burned by the sunlight.
  • Avoid outdoor activities in peak hours. 10 am to 2 pm is the hottest period in the day. So try to stay out of sun, you can stay inside or stay in shadows.
  • Stay hydrated. Water depletion and high temperature usually will lead to heat stroke. So drink a lot of water and prevent your body from drying. Do not drink too fast or too much at one time.


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