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Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Tom


How To Prevent Scarring

Scars are not attractive at all. Any injure, no matter large or small, may leave a scar on your body. The reason for such scar’s happening is that collagen, which lies in deep layer of your skin, comes to the surface to rescue the wound. This article mainly focuses on how to prevent scarring. Look for the methods.

  • Nutritious intake. According to experts, a good body condition may also help wounds to heal faster. It means that we need to intake many nutritious foods when we are in the process of healing. Drink lots of water is another good way for healing our wounds. Anyway, the intake of nutritious foods assures us a sufficient blood circulation to the wound and prevents any further infection.
  • Do not smoking. You’d better quit smoking even not for the wound healing. It is helpful for promoting your whole life condition. Try do reduce your smoking times if you cannot quit it. The nicotine in cigarettes affects the circulation of our blood and reduces the delivery of oxygen so as to slow down the healing speed.
  • Moisturize the wound. Dry skin will increase the possibility of leaving a scar on your body. So apply moisturizers such as petroleum jelly on your wound and cover it with a bandage or other similar medical things which are big enough to cover the wound. Keep the wound moisture before new skin forms.
  • Add pressure on your wound. Scars usually pop out comparing to the skins around it. So, to prevent wound’s new skin from thickening, you can add pressure to your wound. But remember to do it properly in case to make the wound open or bleed again. Silicon gel is a good choice for applying on your wound.
  • Do not over interfering with the healing process. Hydrogen peroxide is plausible to apply; however, ointment, especially antibiotic ointment should not be applied to the wound.

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